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while towing

Reversing guide and safety

Our guide to reversing when towing

Reversing can be tricky when your towing. Our reversing guide aims to give you the main points your should be aware of when you need to reverse your towing vehicle.

Start Straight

1. Start with your vehicle and trailer straight

Make sure you have enough room to manoeuvre.

Keep the angle

2. Always keep the angle of the trailer shallow relative to the towing vehicle

Turn the other way

3. The more the trailer start to appear in one mirror, the more you should turn in the opposite direction

Use your mirrors

4. Reversing round corners

For reversing round corners you want to move very slowly, use your mirrors to see when the trailer starts to turn and ensure you begin straightening as soon as it does so that you so do not jack-knife and risk damaging either the trailer or your vehicle.

Top tip from Mitsubishi

If you get stuck in an awkward position such as the trailer bumping into the curb, the best thing to do is pull forward, don’t keep reversing!

Reversing tips

One more thing...

In a standard UK right-hand drive vehicle, reversing to the right is easier than to the left because you do not need to look across the passenger seat so whenever you can, reverse to the right.

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